30 Jan 2015: kihon, kirikaeshi, jigeiko (8)


Manzano Mesa Center

Begay sensei, Perry (shidou), James, Kaz, Yuhee, Leo, Rebekah, Rachel, Michael

  1. ashisabaki (okuri, ayumi)
  2. kukan datotsu (men, kote-men)
  3. aiuchi (men, kote)
  4. kirikaeshi
  5. uchi drills (men, kote, kote-men)
  6. jigeiko

Yuhee: cutting and footwork need to be in a better sync

James: Left hand grip on tsuka needs to be more angled.

2015-01-30 Keiko 001.mp4_001766097

During uchi drills everyone should hold their shinai straight in chudan until aite is coming in for a strike.  This is to aid in assessing the distance.

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23 Jan 2015: kihon drills, jigeiko


Manzano Mesa Center

Begay sensei, Perry (shidou), Donovan, David, Matt, Nico, James, Kaz, Robert, Rebekah, Rachel, Michael

  1. kihon drills (men uchi)
  2. kirikaeshi
  3. nidan kihon drill
  4. kihon uchi drills
  5. jigeiko
  • Robert’s foot goes up too high as if kicking a ball during kihon drills.2015-01-23 Keiko 001.mp4_000601939

Alex Bennett demonstrates how fumikomi should be done. He says to move it like a “stealth fighter.”

Note: took a group photo at the end

post-keiko photo op
post-keiko photo op

14 Jan 2015: kendo kata, bokuto ni yoru kihon waza, kihon enbu, jigeiko (3)


North Domingo Baca Center

Begay sensei, Perry (shidou), Leo, Azure, Robert, Michael

  1. kihon uchi drills using bokken
  2. kendo kata (1, 2)
  3. bokuto ni yoru kihon-waza
  4. mawari men uchi drills
    • watch the right hand
  5. kirikaeshi
  6. uchi drills
  7. jigeiko

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9 Jan 2015: bokuto ni yoru kihon-waza keiko-ho (1, 2 & 3), ashisabaki, men uchi drills (2)


Mazano Mesa

Begay sensei, Perry (shidou), Leo, Rebekah, Rachel, Michael, James, Kaz, Azure, Donovan, Yuhee, Nico, Michael

  1. bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon-waza keiko-ho, waza 1, 2 and 3
    • Remember seme in waza 3
  2. ashisabaki, munenmuso
  3. men-uchi drills

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