3 Nov 2021, Wed: keiko log

Participants (14)
Begay sensei

– ashi sabaki- kakegoe, hassei / kukan datotsu men while holding kiai
– kirikaeshi
– how to wear bogu
– adults on nihon kata

Personal reflection

S has a unique way of doing the drills. He’s methodical, thoughtful, and more patient than others, so his fundamentals are turning out to be stronger than others in the group. He has a unique way of processing information around him, which can also be used to his advantage. No need to rush him, although it does force everyone else to wait for him.

Younger the students, the easier it is for them to break out of the mold. However, there are both positive and negative sides to this. The repeated drills don’t seem to exactly translate into actual use at the moment, but once they’re in bogu for drills, I hope things would improve on this point.

J2 is also unique that he’s naturally inclined to differ from what others are doing. This seems rather disruptive, but he does sit himself down earlier than others. Not sure what the future holds for him.

J1 is tenacious and intentional. The focus demonstrated is often intense; this is something to be desired, but she already practices regularly even in basic drills.

These days, it’s mostly instructing younger members, and then I join jigeiko of the adult group, which is still mostly beginners. I’m badly in need of more keiko time for myself, so I tend to stick to basics when doing jigeiko. It’s easier with beginners, but when facing yudansha, I’m realizing the dullness of my tosshin datotsu. After keiko, I was reminded of the utility of kakegoe as an instrument to cause shikai. Need to firm up on kigurai, since near at the end, the energy level seems to go down, therefore the kiai as well.

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