11 Dec 2019 (Wed): keiko

Adult Class (led by Begay sensei): Jeremy

At the end, jigeiko between sensei & Jeremy, and then Michael & Jeremy

  • (both) need to show more discrete zanshin
  • (Jeremy) need to come in when there’s opening
  • (Michael) zanshin is too abbreviated, more steady grip

Youth Class (led by Michael + Rachel): Ryan, Aiden, Joseph, Benjamin, Soo

  • Ryan & Aiden taught by Begay sensei from the beginning of the class, and then rejoined the children
  • Benjamin’s setting new (awesome) standards on kiai
  • Focused on teaching reiho by doing rei on every encounter w/ an aite/motodachi
  1. kihon men no uchikomi
  2. paired up; throw the ball up together and catch the ball thrown by your aite and then turn around quickly — first no regulations on footwork, and second time in okuri-ashi, and third time showing zanshin
  3. men uchikomi on aite w/ bogu on
  4. end of practice reiho

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